About us - ELŐ-SZER KFT.
ELŐ-SZER Ltd. - onstruction work, building engineering, steel structure, locksmith, industrial hall, family house, public and listed building, agricultural building, livestock building
onstruction work, building engineering, steel structure, locksmith, industrial hall, family house, public and listed building, agricultural building, livestock building
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About us

The Prefabrication and Construction Contractor Limited Liability Company – shortly ELŐ-SZER Ltd. – was established in December 1989 as a non-predecessor company founded by natural persons of Hungarian nationality. During the founding of the company, the primary goal was to create a high level of quality, flexible business adaptation to meet the needs of the modern age.

The main profile of the company is construction, general contracting and building engineering. The employees of our firm are experienced, graduate professionals and skilled craftsmen. Our work is carried out with extensive, reliable supplier and subcontracting backgrounds, thus guaranteeing high quality standards and strict compliance with deadlines.

According to the construction law, our company is a construction company registered by the Bács-Kiskun County Chamber of Trade and Industry. Our company is registered by Construction Quality Control Innovation Nonprofit Ltd. as a qualified company performing solar collectors. The work of the National Security Supervisory Authority and according to the Government Regulation 90/2011. (III.26.), the material and personal conditions of the handling of “Confidential” documents were created by our company.


Among our clients we can find many foreign and Hungarian companies, food businesses, private builders, public institutions.

Quality Assurance and Social Responsibility

Every business's life

quality, quality assurance and quality management plays an increasingly important role. Quality, reliability, flexibility: the signs of demanding human existence were yesterday, today, and they will certainly be in the future. Our company has been working on these aspects even before the ISO standards are in place.

It proves the correctness

of the path we follow, that the parameters of high standard work can be determined, they can be written and has to be written in the operating systems.

The objective of ELŐ-SZER Ltd. is to:

providing a wide range of construction technical services at the highest available quality. The purpose of our enterprise is to serve our customers, partners and buyers with the highest standards, keeping the business's market position and, last but not least, increasing its economic success.

Realizing these goals

is unimaginable without the help of the company's staff. For business leaders, it is important to maintain and increase employee satisfaction. Our old decision is to look at the operation of ELŐ-SZER Ltd. and take it into a quality management system.

CERTOP Ltd. is a testing and certification organization

from the procedures we have developed and review the documentation prepared from the Quality Management Manual and has been certified by our certification screening after our operation has been screened, that to implement the activities of ELŐ-SZER Ltd., it has introduced and applied a quality management system in its daily work.

Our quality management system

is based on customer satisfaction, therefore our customers who turn to us, according to the demands of our customers, continuously improve the functioning of our system.

Our certificates



Our goal is – in the ever-increasing market competition – that the investments and services implemented under the name of ELŐ-SZER Kft. satisfy the most stringent requirements and the demands of our clients.


Our activities
  • Construction of industrial buildings and halls
  • Building installation
    plumbing, gas pipeline, central heating system, ventilation, – air conditioning – design and construction
  • Building tinsmith works
    gutter system, roofing, window boards, head, wall and chimney borders – design and execution
  • Building locksmith works
    interior and exterior metal doors and windows, garage doors, steel construction and supporting structures, stairs and railings design and construction
  • Trade and installation of LINDAB products
  • Planning
  • Steel structures, locksmith products
  • Tendering
Do you work with us or work for us?


Our growing and expanding business is constantly seeking enthusiastic expert staff and incidentally qualified subcontractors.


Please look at the job opportunities.